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No support for Fastmail accounts?

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Long time Clamwin user and today I'm evaluating Malwarebytes after hearing on Reddit it was a good piece of AV software.

In signing up, I tried using my primary paid e-mail address @fastmail.us but the (forum) account sign up doesn't allow "fastmail" addresses.  I am surprised as I believe an account at Fastmail is less likely to be a fraudulent account than a Gmail account, since Fastmail accounts are not free - that's some added friction for scammers.

Malwarebytes staff would you be able to correct this so a "@fastmail.us" address can be tied to my account here.  This is important to me and is taken into consideration in whether or not I move ahead and purchase a subscription.


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This forum account and your future Malwarebytes subscription account are completely separate from each other.

There are a few email domains that are not allowed to register here on the forums due to spam abuse.

I do not believe that the purchase and activation process of the paid product are affected.

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13 minutes ago, tronster said:

Under what circumstances would Fastmail account holders again be able to sign-up?

Many users have more than one email account at their disposal. But this is a restriction of the forums not the account used for a Malwarebytes Premium subscription.

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  • Root Admin

I have removed the block on the following sites



The reason for the block is due to this information and the fact that paid, stolen, or not we have about 30 individual accounts that have been banned for spamming from one or more of these sites.



Please send me a Private Message @tronster and I can change your current email address here on the forums to your preferred email account.

Thank you


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