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I installed something called the Blue Stacks gaming app because you are supposed to be able to get Plants vs Zombies 2 for your PC, to play free, with this app. I Googled it and found many sources that said it's safe, but after installation I clicked on it and I keep getting the attached. Does this mean I should not use it or can I do some type of adjustment so that I can use it?

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Since you mentioned "PC" I just want to make sure you are running macOS which is the Forum you posted to.

Your attachment didn't show up, so can you please try again or at least give us a detailed description of it, as we have no idea what you are questioning.

Gaming apps are notorious for heavy CPU use, so I see that as perfectly normal.

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BlueStacks is not a gaming app but an Android emulator for Windows and / or macOS

Being an emulator it is normal for it to slow down the machine.

Malwarebytes once considered it dangerous; then at some point no more; I don't know what the situation is now.

I know for sure (because I had to put it to my ten year old nephew) that on the same PC (I'm talking about the Windows version) there are big performance problems if both BlueStacks and Malwarebytes are installed and unfortunately in this case I had to sacrifice Malwarebytes.

Furthermore, BlueStacks has several problems if the internet line is not more than performing (to be clear, a 30 Mbit / s is not enough)

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