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malware/virus that maybe causing a WindowServer high CPU usage problem?

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Bit of long shot but....

I've been having problems with using 2 external monitors, since upgrading from MAC Catalina to Big Sur....exploring all sorts of avenues as the cause....

My Mac pretty much grinds to a halt, especially when I'm using Zoom etc....

When looking at MAC Activity Monitor there are a few things that seem to be hammering the CPU e.e.  Kernal_task and WindowServer.

When I google WindowServer CPU issues, there are articles that indicate this can be affected by MALWARE. I currently use the Free version of MALWARE BYTES which has not detected any issues.

However another scanner product (Como cleaner) reference in an article, which I have downloaded, found some malware/virus not detected by MALWARE BYTES.

These are ID are:

Archive Bomb
all of these were found in website archive files  (TAR.GZ)  files from a website via cPanel.
Any reason why MALWARE BYTES hasn't found them and are they really a problem...?
Would Malwarebytes find/cure any issues with WindowsServer...
Appreciate help/suggestions...
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  • Staff

Those files found by ComboCleaner look like they're likely to be Windows malware, which would not be a threat to your Mac and Malwarebytes for Mac would not detect them.

The problem you're seeing is not likely to be due to malware. Beware of Google searches that tell you that something is caused by malware... there are actually a lot of scams out there that will tell you something is malicious when it actually isn't (like WindowServer CPU issues). These scam sites will try to either get you to call a phone number or install a piece of questionable software. ComboCleaner is actually recommended by several of these sites that I'm aware of, and although we don't detect it at this time, I also wouldn't recommend it.

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Hi Treed,

thanks for the reply....re ComboCleaner, i wasn't inclined to pay for it, as it did cross my mind that it was a bit of bait and then pay....!

especially since the claimed find and cure WindowServer CPU feature did not flag anything i got feeling it was nothing special....

the search goes on as to why my mac is slow slow with external screens...   :(



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as you say, an awful lot of people having similar issues, i've seen/posted on Mac OS forums and no clear steer on a solution, small comfort to knwo it is not just me.....but is a real apun the ???? to have be pulling the plug in my external screens every time i need to zoom.... :(


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