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MadTracker 2 music program from 2006


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MadTracker 2 is an old music program last updated around 2006 which has never previously triggered any alarms. Malwarebytes is suddenly reporting it as malware, even though this is not a new install and Malwarebytes has ignored it before now, and with no reason given for the classification as malware. Please tell me it's not just because it has "Tracker" in the name, because it's an XP-era application that predates windows access controls and needs admin permissions to run, or because it has some internet "community" functionality that I doubt even has anything to connect to any more.

BTW I reported a ransomware false positive in January - support ticket 3328256. Your seeming to handle this efficiently was a big part of convincing me to pay for Malwarebytes. However, soon after paying, that false positive recurred - maybe it really recurred earlier but the actual false detection recurred as soon as I disabled the exclusion on my c:\msys64 folder. You didn't by any chance just use a hash of that particular pacman.exe file to whitelist it, ignoring the fact that it's the package manager for MSYS2/MSYS64 and therefore obviously subject to frequent updates e.g. for security patches? In any case, my c:\msys64 folder is now permanently excluded from ransomware checks. It may have taken less than an hour (twice) to figure out how to block the detections in that folder, restore the files from backup and repeat the updates, as opposed to the many hours (possibly days) it would take to clear the whole folder out and reinstall from scratch figuring out again all the packages I need, but that's still time wasted for no good reason.

The purpose of Malwarebytes - my reason for paying for it - is to gain confidence that there is no malware running on my system. NOT to cause worry that Malwarebytes may misclassify something and break my system at any time, resulting in wasted time fixing those issues, over and over again. Yet I can't help notice that my kneejerk reaction today was to ignore the detection and refuse to quarantine EVEN BEFORE I checked the details, on the assumption of a false positive. And then I ended up with the executable being quarantined anyway when I tried to run it to check if there were community/internet features for the description above - sigh. Please look up the words "unfit for purpose" and how they relate to consumer law in the UK. They may become relevant the next time I get a false positive - probably in a few weeks?

fpreport.txt MT2.zip

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