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www.robertfuller.info blocked in Firefox

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I requested that www.robertfuller.info be whitelisted in Browser Guard, but I didn't specify a browser in my email. I thought I had selected the Firefox link, but maybe not. The solution indicates it was whitelisted for Chrome. Are there separate whitelists? It still seems to be blocked in Firefox. I'd like it to be whitelisted for both.

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There is only one whitelist, but each browser loads it and stores it in its own fashion.  I just went to the site in Firefox with no problems.  Looked at one picture on the TV Shows part...I remember watching him when the shows were first-run (before syndication).

Try clearing your cache.  It should load up for you with no issues.

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Nope. I cleared my cache, closed Firefox, and restarted it. Same thing.

I deleted my bookmark to the site, cleared my cache, closed Firefox, and restarted it. Same thing.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong. I appreciate your help.

I was old enough to watch the original show, but I think we were watching another channel. I just watched the entire series last year. Loved it.


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I always hate to recommend that, but sometimes that seems to be the only answer. Glad its working for you.

I had tuned out of network TV for the most part by the time Emergency was on the air. I remembered Laramie and Wagon Train.

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