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About to buy a MBA M1. Can I really run Malwarebytes?

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I can only give you my personal experience. 

I have owned a MacBook Air M1 for about a month and have no problems with Malwarebytes.

Only thing, the Malwarebytes protection is among those that, quite frequently, are considered to be energy-intensive (together with MWB only Safari). @treed A comment on this? Is it normal?


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  • Staff

We have not found or heard of any issues with Malwarebytes' consumer software caused by running on an M1 chip.

The energy usage question mentioned by @MAXBAR1 is not related to the M1. We've seen a number of people running macOS Big Sur (regardless of processor) where Malwarebytes (among other processes) is reported as using significant energy even when Activity Monitor does not report that it is using significant energy. In some cases, it can use significant energy, depending on settings and what else is going on with the computer, while in other cases it appears to be an erroneous indicator as far as we can tell.

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@treed    if it helps, I am attaching screenshots of Activity Monitor from my MacBook Air M1. 



Only Safari consumes more (the excessive consumption of Safari, however, I have seen it since the days of Mac OSX 10.9, for Malwarebytes instead it is a novelty)

I also attach a detail of the battery icon.




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