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From AVG Quarantine to VirusTotal


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one question: I used to use AVG antivirus (yes, I know it's not the best and will probably uninstall after I've solved this)

it once found a malware labelled as "Trojan" and I want to send it to VirusTotal for anylisis. The file is still in VAG Quarantine (it's a PDF apparently).

How do I take it from there SAFELY to send it to VirusTotal?

I've tried looking for the folder directory, but the file is not there anymore. It's just in the AVG Quarantine. 

The options there are (of course "delete", "restore"..) and "Extract"...but will it be dangerous to extract it to say, desktop in order to be able to send it? I can't see how I can send it to VirusTotal.


Many thanks! hope the forum subfolder is the right one.

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10 minutes ago, PclPcl said:

Many thanks! hope the forum subfolder is the right one.

I would just restore it to the original location and submit it from there. Of course do not open it.

Assuming this came in an email, and you did not delete the message, it would be there as well.

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2 hours ago, Porthos said:

Also, If was in a email and you were not actually expecting it from the sender, I would just not worry about and move on.

Also, I am afraid I do not completely understand what you mean here?.. if anything, the fact that I wasn't expecting that file from the sender makes it more suspicious? :)

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11 hours ago, Porthos said:

Yes, Do you still have the email?  Where was it from and what was it supposed to be about?

No, the email isn't there anymore it seems. I tried searching by filename, and then tried finding all the pdf attachments but no result.

I'll try submitting it to ViruTotal later.

thanks again

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