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Blue Screen Death more frequent and longer to recover

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How are you ... have been hearing some horror stories no power, no heat etc. and no help! What part of San Antonio are you in and did you get hit hard?

C:\Windows\Minidump\021321-47361-01.dmp is in the attached zip

Do you have a direct email I can send WeTransfer to?

NordVPN rarely runs not the reason unless another conflict?



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11 minutes ago, adamsapple20 said:

What part of San Antonio are you in and did you get hit hard?

I have been lucky. No power or water outages. We have plenty of food. Northeast side.

13 minutes ago, adamsapple20 said:

Do you have a direct email I can send WeTransfer to?

You can post a link to the we transfer file here.

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1 minute ago, adamsapple20 said:

Good to hear ... you mention food so roads are down and no stores?

 Our main Grocery store is on reduced hours(12-5) but are out of most everything. Gas stations are running out of gas (No Delivery's)

Do not usually do Walmart but many are closed. I am sure the open ones are getting blown out as well.

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Not a fan of Walmart and many of the big conglomerates for monopolistic (apparently illegal when I was at University in the 90s) and quality reasons. But sometime you gotta do what you gotta do. Where there is opportunity there will be opportunists. Saw the state of Texas issued warnings for price gouging … good for them, hope they enforce it. Temps above freezing tomorrow, all should melt next few days and get back to normal.

Went blue again a couple of times when I was typing this. Noticed I had browsers open every time when it happens and usually nothing when working on desktop software.


Tried to upload C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP to we transfer but it keeps saying not allowed contact administrator ... how do I copy it as administrator, tried right clicking on folder and taking of deselection read only ...

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  • Staff

You will need to first copy the memory dump file to an accessible location such as your desktop or downloads folder, then you can ZIP and upload it to WeTransfer.  Permissions are restricted within system folders such as C:\Windows which is likely why you're receiving an error when trying to upload the file from there (since the browser is running in limited/user mode, not admin mode).

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  • Staff

Hello @adamsapple20

We now have a new beta which should hopefully fix the BSOD.

The Component update version 1.0.1191.

Please refer the following article: 

Please try it out and let us know if you still continue to see the BSOD's after the update.

Thank you and regards,

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