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I cannot explain this.


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15 hours ago, brad03 said:

... I do believe I have a guardian angel.

I have been in deep cogitation over this all night.  Just because of the Human manifestation of pareidolia, I don't want you to give up on the belief of having a Guardian Angel.

There are two kinds of Angels that I know of.

The first kind walk among us.  They are those who run towards danger whilst the vast majority of people are running away from it.  They are the people who are confronted with a complex situation that is forked with an easy and not so righteous solution and the other more difficult path that is righteous.  They take the difficult path even though it is hard but because it is truly the right solution.  The solution that is based on morality and ethicacy.

The second kind is that of faith.  G-d has presented Angels to assist Humanity wherever and whenever possible.  They are not manifested as inanimate visual representations but rather they are manifested as animate actions and observations through signs and wonders.  They are realized in moments of epiphany.

Maybe there is even a third kind of Angel that is best recognized in the Holiday of Today.  February 14th, Valentines day.  These Angels are what is called one's Bashert [ באַשערט ] which is terminology used to define and describe one's divinely designated soulmate.  A soulmate is preordained in G-d's love of Humanity and inter human coexistence and whom is called one's Basherte (female) or Basherter (male).


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