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Big Jump in the number of items scanned

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So I use malwarebytes for my MacOS device and run scans manually on the odd occasion. A while ago I had noticed that scans were showing a massive increase in the number of items being scanned. Before, I would only see about 18k items being scanned but recently I see that 180k+ items are being recorded as being scanned. Since that point I had noticed the same 180k or so items being scanned. I had noticed this after malwarebytes was updated to 4.7.9 and the protection was updated to 4.0.523. What is weird is that I haven't downloaded any apps during the period of the change and this change is also quite massive with 160k+ item difference, where as before it would increase in items scanned max by 10 or 20 items by day.

If anyone knows what could have caused this please let me know.

Thank you


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I saw about a six times increase from around 115K to around 600K when the app updated to 4.7.8 and protection 4.0.520 in mid January, but nothing of significance with the most recent updates.

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The staff can give you a more technical explanation, but updates that include looking in new location, additional types of files and additional signatures added to the database would have such a effect. The number of files added to your computer by you or the system in areas being scanned, would also cause these numbers to vary. A guess on my part would be that would include the number of files  added to temporary storage areas.

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  • Staff

There was a change in version 4.7 regarding how the engine counts browser extensions. It now counts all the files that are part of a browser extension individually, rather than just counting it as one item.

That said, I'd strongly recommend not paying too much attention to the count, as it's entirely normal for that number to change, potentially from one scan to the next.

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