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Auto redirection Chrome

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I'm suspecting of an adware in my system. Malwarebytes and Adwcleaner results are completely clean.


Today, when accesing to https://www.amazon.fr/, I was directed to 


And the, this short link directed me to;



Couple of questions


1) Is this euroascend.com website safe and secure? Does it contain any virus?

2) Why I am being redirected to this short link and to this website, am I in some kind of risk?

3) My guess is, this recent add-on I used might be the problem;




Can any experienced person analyze this add-on and tell me if it is the reason for this redirection? 

The problem does not persist, but it was also inconsistend, it did not always happen, but from time to time.


Thanks for help.

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The same thing has just happened to me when trying to access amazon.com / amazon.de. I had the Same Chrome Plugin Installed so i think its safe to assume thats the cause. I used the Plugin for a while without any issues on multiple devices until today but i doubt its a coincedence we both had that Plugin Installed. I am now running Virus Scans of my own just in case. 

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Hey! I experienced the same issue and was not really sure about the cause using the same extension at that time. In the end, I stumbled over this thread.

I have had a look at the source code of the extension and what I found is that it seems to hide a string to prj11.com in a series of partially base64 encoded substrings.
My guess would be that it is a (hidden) referral function that should lead you back to amazon without noticing.

Since some of the code looks unnecessarily complex for the function the extension offers, I decided to remove it. Hopefully this extension did not more unextended behaviours.

I am happy for any information someone else might offer about this issue.

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I am very grateful for the information in this thread.  Thank you to everyone above.

Can confirm seeing exactly the same behaviour after installing Super Simple Auto Refresh.

I am frustrated by what I perceive to be underhand behaviour by the plugin makers.

Actually, this is quite a clever way for them to make money from a plugin that I find VERY useful - and if they had been upfront about it I would have consented.  However it is not explained during installation, and caused me firstly to think that my computer had malware, and now to distrust this plugin.

Also I was not aware of this happening in the previous version, Super Auto Refresh, and it looks like this was done to monetise after the fact a plugin that was popular and free.  I had already been concerned by the permissions 'Let extensions read and change site data' and thought I had limited it to the one site I need to keep refreshed - so that makes their intercepting my Amazon traffic particularly non-consensual.

I'm going to uninstall and look for an alternative, but it is a shame - with proper communication by the plugin makers I could have consented to them taking Amazon affiliate link traffic as fair exchange for a useful service.

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I have this problem too.

I did more checks and I fond that the problem is in this extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/easy-auto-refresh/aabcgdmkeabbnleenpncegpcngjpnjkc Easy Auto Refresh and not the one you mentioned. I guess you need to remove a lot of extensions you installed and then test with just ONE extension installed to avoid misunderstanding.

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32 minutes ago, AlexMartin said:

Easy Auto refresh was quickly updated today and fixed the problem:


Updated15 February 2021


Are you the creator of this extension? If so, please get in contact with our PUP Department as soon as possible to discuss delisting the extension; see here for how to do so: https://www.malwarebytes.com/pup/

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Of course no. I just found the problem and reported it here. Today I didn't notice redirects so checked the extension and it was updated. I don't know how long it will be good. cause if you check reviews here:


William RyanDec 14, 2020
AshDec 14, 2020
Installs malware/tracking services. Avoid at all costs.
Since December people were reporting it
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On 2/15/2021 at 8:12 PM, alexgibson said:

Just to confirm I did not have Easy Auto Refresh - I had Super Simple Auto Refresh - and I had the Amazon redirect bad behaviour.

I have that extension too. Malwarebytes did flag it, but since I have not had any issues with it and I have tested amazon.com, amazon.ca and amazon.fr, I have kept it for now. We'll see if it gets updated soon.

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Hi all, sorry for the confusion in this thread. This thread has incorrectly labeled Easy Auto Refresh as redirecting links, which is absolutely incorrect and has never occurred. Easy Auto Refresh has never redirected links nor does it have any relationship to Amazon whatsoever. Further, this has absolutely no relation to the most recent update. Malware was absolutely not "added" nor "removed" in this update.

The app has been reviewed and approved by Google in the Chrome App Store through a strict and extensive review of all policies and all code.

I've created a separate post to correct the false positive on Easy Auto Refresh including a full scan by Malware Bytes and Virustotal, along with a sample zip file of the extension as proof of no malware.

I appreciate your help. Thank you.



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