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AdwCleaner 8.1 - Beta


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We silently published a beta build of AdwCleaner 8.1 last night. It has since been downloaded a few hundred times without any issues reported, so we now would like to share it to a broader audience before we move to GA.

The beta version is available to download there, and we plan to release it next week as stable if no issue appears.

AdwCleaner 8.1 brings parallelism in scanning operations, or said differently we rework the scan in order to make it (much much) faster.

Since most of the scanning module are IO-bound (and not CPU-Bound), we now make use of multiple threads depending on what the CPU can offer us so that modules can be run in parallel when possible. This allows to make AdwCleaner's scan even faster than before, even on low-end machines.

Please let us know what you feel and see by testing this beta build!

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Yeah it does use a "few more"  threads😀


AdwCleaner was pretty fast before, but now zips through



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I apologise for not reporting this earlier. I suspect that mandatory ASLR is to blame for "NTLayer DLL has stopped working".  Running under Windows 8.1 at least produces an error message box as just below.


AdwCleaner 8.1 runs under Windows 7 with mandatory ASLR without issues.  Running AdwCleaber 8.1 under Windows 10 with mandatory ASLR results in no visible effects, not even a UAC.  I tried exempting the executable in PC settings->Update & Security->Windows Security->App & browser control but apart from seeing a UAC nothing else happens.

I guess that the beta tests were carried out on Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 systems with default ASLR settings.  I like to harden mine by making ASLR mandatory and ensuring that bottom-up ASLR is in use for maximum randomisation.

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