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DOS/Hurri virus i dont know what to do need help

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Hello @UltimateMaX   :welcome:

My name is Maurice.  I will be guiding you forward.  As we go along, please be sure to only attach the report files. And let me know what name you prefer to go by.

I will be needing reports from this machine.  At this time, if this is not on Windows 10 pc, then Stop and let me know whcih Windows.

The following is just a quick first step if this is on Windows 10.


You can use the built-in Microsoft Antivirus which is Windows Defender to scan the system.  A good way to do that is by using its Offline scan option.

Click the Windows Start menu button on the Taskbar, select Settings icon. Then choose Update and Security.

In Windows Settings  >>> click on Windows Security from the left side list.




Next, In Windows Security section:  Click on the grey button Open Windows Security


Now, click on the shield Virus and threat protection



next click on the line in   blue Scan options



Look down the options list.  Tick on Microsoft Defender Offline scan.  



Then next,  click the grey "Scan now" button.

and let it scan the system.

When it reboots the system, please just login with your regular login-account.

Have patience during the scan run.

Keep in mind that the design and what is scanned by Windows Defender is a whole different design from Malwarebytes. But do let me know how this scan goes and what the result is.


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PS.  The Microsoft Security Intelligence page has minimal information about this virus. 


This virus spreads by attaching its code to other files on your PC or network. Some of the infected programs might no longer run correctly.

So, I would urge to not do any sort of online shopping, or game playing, or web surfing while this case is on-going. That is to say, minimize the use of this system to only what is absolutely necessary.

We will be doing more scans after the 1st initial one  ( above).

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Now that I scan the virus is gone, maybe the virus is on my external hard drive? I can't scan my external drive properly because the system always fixes the corrupt files on my external drive and it takes more than two hours and I also noticed that every time I plug in my external drive, that Hurri virus always pops up. Is there a way to remove the virus from the external drive without wiping all the data inside it? because the files that are there are important to me and the drive content is more than 200gb.

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I would point out that with the external drive  and its having indications of a serious virus infection .....that before connecting that drive, that you press and hold the SHIFT key until after the physical connection of the drive-connector is complete.

After which, you can let go of the key.  Then run a scan with Microsoft Windows Defender to do a CUSTOM scan of that drive.

That can be done  many ways.  But one way is while in Windows File Explorer, right clicking on the drive and doing a context menu selection to "Scan with Microsoft Defender".

see https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/84796-how-scan-windows-defender-antivirus-windows-10-a.html

To summarize, run a scan of that whole drive with Microsoft Defender.  

If needs be, you can do one scan while in Safe mode.

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