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Windows 7 Freezes with Protection Module enabled

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I have finally tracked down an issue that has been driving me nuts for weeks. I am running Windows 7 Enterprise edition 32-bit on Dell Latitude D630 laptop. I am running MBAM version 1.41 (registered) with the protection module enabled. My problem was that I would boot to Windows 7, and after a few minutes, everything would just stop working. The mouse could still move, but nothing responded (even task manager wouldn't come up). There were no error messages. This situation would never fix itself, and my only choice was to power cycle the machine. This pattern would happen probably two or three more times in a row, and then it would not happen the rest of that day. The next day, it would start all over again.

Finally, I decided to track this down by launching Task Manager as soon as I logged in, and sorted it so the highest used CPU processes were at the top, and I waited. The machine froze, and the MBAM service was #1. Eventually, I tried disabling the MBAMService (which was set to the default delayed automatic start). After I did this, I never experienced this freezing again. Also, the delayed start seems to explain why I was able to use the machine for a minute or two before the problem.

By the way, I have verified this behavior (and the solution) on two different workstations.

Unfortunately, I have had to disable the auto-protection module, and just use the product only with manual scans.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?


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