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Malwarebytes Browser Guard extension 2.2.18 blocks Facebook Contacts

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Issue started on Tuesday, 2/02/2021.
In my latest versions of browsers Chrome 88.0.4324.150 or Edge 88.0.705.62, when opening Facebook, the right pane is the list of “Contacts” that are active.
This Contacts list briefly flashes then disappears.  Only “Group Conversations” remains.

In Chrome:
- Troubleshooting Facebook options did not improve the situation. 
- I disabled all Chrome Extensions, and the Facebook “Contacts” list reappeared immediately in the Right Pane.
- Then I enabled each Extension one at a time.

ISSUE:  The Malwarebytes Browser Guard extension (version 2.2.18, released 2/02/2021), when Enabled, made the Contacts Right Pane disappear.

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I do not have Facebook, but I asked one of our Tech Support staff to take a look using Chrome and the newest Browser Guard version. He did not experience the same issue. I will need you to send me logs, but I need you to do a few things to make the logs manageable for troubleshooting.  Please do the following:

  • Using Chrome, close all tabs so that you are not loading fresh content.
  • Clear browser cache
  • If you are using any other ad/content blocker, temporarily turn it off
  • Exit the browser
  • Restart the browser ... this causes Browser Guard to load fresh databases and re-initialize a new log
  • Wait 15 seconds
  • Load Facebook as you did earlier to witness the problem you reported
  • Once you see the problem, gather a Browser Guard log and send it to me.  You will find it in the "kabob" menu, then Support.  The log will have a "jsonl" extension and will be found in your \Downloads folder.

We'll see if we can figure out what the problem is once we have those logs.

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  • Staff

When I look at that log, I am seeing a truncated log that is covering a wide swath of time.  Could you please create a new one using the instructions I gave you.  I am hoping not to wade through twenty hours of logs with visibility into partial data only.  Through absolutely no fault of yours, these are difficult to analyze.  As a result, every little thing helps it to become a much smoother task.  I hope you understand.


Also, when you reach the point that you see the contacts not appearing as expected, could you go to the Current Website screen in Browser Guard and get a screenshot?  That would help to correlate the information.  Sorry to be a pain, but I want to fix this as quickly as possible.

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  • Staff

I have been discussing this with the developer.  He has been trying to get a reproducable case for this, so we are hoping your logs will have the answers.  Unfortunately, he won't be able to get to it today.  Considering this is Super Bowl weekend, you can (as an interim measure) make an exclusion for Facebook in Browser Guard, or turn it off for a few days.  I have never used Facebook, so I am always amused when people have Facebook withdrawal.

Also, a fix in this version (which I was completely unaware of) is that logs are no longer started new with a new browser session.  I wasted a few minutes of your time (and mine) with those instructions. I hope to give you some better news on Monday.

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I am experiencing the same issue in Chrome with Browser Guard 2.2.18.   The Contact List appears and then immediately disappears.  If I disable Browser Guard the Contact List loads and does not disappear.  Running Browser Guard with all blocks turned off for Facebook STILL results in the Contact List disappearing immediately after loading.  Only disabling the extension completely restores functionality.

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8 minutes ago, AdvancedSetup said:

Can one of you please try uninstalling the Malwarebytes Browser Guard extension.

Then check and update Google Chrome

Then restart the computer and afterwards verify that Facebook Contacts is still visible and working. Then reinstall the Malwarebytes Browser Guard extension and let us know if the issue remains or not.

Thank you


Done.  The issue remains.  

I uninstalled Browser Guard.  Checked for Chrome updates, it was up to date.  I restarted.  When I launched Chrome the Facebook Contacts loaded normally and were functional.  I re-installed Browser Guard and refreshed Facebook, and the Contacts sidebar immediately disappeared.  

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Also, each person reporting this needs to let us know if there are any other ad/tracker/content blockers in use.  If there are, we will need to work exclusively with Browser Guard to determine if it is Browser Guard issue or an interaction issue, then determine the proper path based on findings.

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2 minutes ago, gonzo said:

Also, each person reporting this needs to let us know if there are any other ad/tracker/content blockers in use.  If there are, we will need to work exclusively with Browser Guard to determine if it is Browser Guard issue or an interaction issue, then determine the proper path based on findings.

Problem persists with every extension except Browser Guard disabled.

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1 minute ago, AdvancedSetup said:

Due to the late time in the evening we're finding trouble with an employee on duty that actually has a FB account. Many of us apparently don't use it.



It's terribly ironic for you to say that while advertising your company's Facebook page in your signature block. 

Anyway, re-installing and restarting is about the extent of my ability to care at 9pm on a Friday night.  It's more of a "that's weird" problem than a "this must be fixed ASAP!" problem ;)


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  • Root Admin

The company does have one but just like where you work I'm sure, they don't force you to use a social app to work there 😀

No issue. We'll get it figured out and fixed as soon as possible. Thank you for your assistance in helping us track it down and reporting it.

Have a great weekend



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I'm going thru the same issue as @mhunter392  I sent it to AdvancedSetups mail box -- will add you to it @gonzo  due to the names of the screenshots. when the MWB is turned off.   Let me know if you need anything else...... regards.... 73's 


 This took me 4 days, to find out why my facebook contacts were gone....  . see the screenshots... With the: with Malwarebytes Browser Guard on - the Contacts are gone?  and, with the  Malwarebytes Browser Guard off they show up ??    the empty contacts is with the MBW ON..  (Will try to white list it from our end)  I can't get FB in the Allow List?  

I'm in no hurry, Using google chrome (updated today) & Windos 7 Pro (Sp1)  You can post it on the forum if you want,     I'm in no hurry I can get around it.....   thx. for your time...  best regards,      aka Yardbird

with Malwarebytes Browser Guard on.jpg

with Malwarebytes Browser Guard off.jpg see if this winZip log made it to you? 


Edited by yardbird
more info + adding zip log
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Hey peeps,


I was going to start a thread on a very similar thing until I saw this.

Basically, it seems the browser guard extension makes (my) facebook very slow and unresponsive. I disabled all other extensions (am using Edge Chromium) other than browser guard to identify this.

Using the browser task manager within Edge I can see that my facebook tab, whether it being the only open tab or not, uses an inordinate amount of memory and CPU thus causing this slow-down.

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Status Update: 
2/09, 06:30am I cold booted my Win 10 Pro laptop, MBG is Enabled, and later checked FB, and the Contacts List was back
I installed the two Win 10 Pro Microsoft Updates for February.
           February 9, 2021—KB4601319 (OS Builds 19041.804 and 19042.804)
           February 9, 2021-KB4601050 Cumulative Update for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8 for Windows 10, version 2004, Windows Server,
                          version 2004, Windows 10, version 20H2, and Windows Server, version 20H2
Restarted Laptop
MBG is still Enabled, Tested FB and the Contacts List is still there.
For the rest of 2/09 & most of 2/10, the Contacts List was OK in FB.  I would periodically check throughout the day & night.

Tonight, 2/10, 10:15pm, I checked FB before Shut Down.  Contacts List was gone again.
Nothing in Win 10 Pro, Chrome 88.0.4324.150 (Official Build) (64-bit), etc has been changed or updated since early morning 2/09.  MBG is still ver 2.2.18.
I went thru everything, to include checking logs and I saw nothing.

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