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Images hosted on my website identified as malware


Go to solution Solved by gonzo,

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I just verified that a whitelist entry exists for that website, after also looking at your earlier thread.  It is important to know where it is being blocked at, so that we can determine why.  The context is important.  When I whitelist something, it can be overruled by higher priority blocks defined in our premium product and passed through via Browser Guard.  Because I am looking at your website right now, any block that may exist is contextual.  A few detections shown on VirusTotal are related to phishing, but those are sometimes overreactions to authentication requirements.  If you have users sharing images, authentication would be required.

Bottom line is that we need more information from you to be able to help you more.

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There is no visible indication that I am aware of for the block, but it does register as a malware block.  I am asking our researchers for the basis of it...if they find something.  I killed the link as soon as you posted it.

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We are trying something else to fix this.  I have created a whitelist entry for your .com site that is the destination for the link you provided yesterday.  The image site is being blocked, but it is already whitelisted so the block should not happen.  Whitelist entries take 15-30 minutes to take effect.  I will check back on this a bit later today to see if we have made any progress.

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