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Installation Database Error


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I got this error


After installation completed and while updating database for the first time

I tried to uninstall then install many times, but with no success.

Also I tried update manualy and overwrite rules.dat , but the issue persists.

Any solution ?



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Have you tried with the latest version? Where did you get the download from?

Yes I downloaded from MajorGeeks from this URL


And here is MD5 Checksum for "rr-free-setup.exe" which I downloaded


And yes it is the latest version, because after installation there was no update for the program itself, but for the database, and when I clicked download it downloaded 200k or so then the error occurs.

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The latest version is 1.22. I can't tell what version Major Geeks has. But this is current http://www.freewarefiles.com/files/hds/rr-free-setup.exe

Thank you

I downloaded from your link again, but it is the same file with exact matching MD5 Checksum E215E3C0773434EEC379235105C2E5B2

Also a couple of my friends have the same problem, while the program runs smoothly in another friend's machine !!

I think there is a cunning bug :angry:

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Maybe you have a rogue blocking it. Is the version the same?

Yes the version is the same, also the digital signature is the same . Furthermore I tried to install what I have downloaded from your URL, but with the same error again.

I don't think that I have a rouge, I'm an advanced user who is paranoid about security and I downloaded Rouge Remover in order to recommend it for a group of friends to check their machines for rouges, but 2 of them got the same error as me, and 1 was successful in installing and using Rouge Remover. All of us have WinXP Sp2 with different applications installed.

I searched this forum to find some others database errors claims, so I think there is some bug or at least some conflict with a certain unknown application.

I tried to install again on a fresh installed Windows without any programs installed and RR was successful this time, so conflict issue is the most probably reason in my personal opinion .

I hope that developers can find a resolution in their lab.

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It is going to be very difficult for anyone to determine what the

certain unknown application
might be if you don't provide some information about what you have installed. Infections will also cause behavior like this. I agree it is probably something on the systems you mention, so in light of this, what are the commonalities? Do you all have a specific program installed?
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Well... First of all, hello to everyone.

About this problem you were discussing here: well, I think it's not a conflict.

I've done a translation for RRPro to serbian and a little review for the forum I ''work'' on as (anti-malware) helper ( review link ).

Soon after that, few forum members started having the very same problems as described here.

Considering I gave a recommendation for RR, I had to find out what was wrong with it... :angry:

Anyway, I've managed to reproduce the error:



So, it's the language for non-unicode programs that's causing the trouble (at least on my PC).

While on cyrilic (in this case), it simply doesn't work (reinstalling it doesn't help).

As soon as the language for non-unicode programs is set to a language using latin and RR is reinstalled, it works without any problems.

Just a small note: the program is working fine, until the first database update - after that, it doesn't work at all.

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