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ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT for Google Analytics


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Dear sirs,

We seek for a way to allow Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager Scripts to download when users access our web site and to allow digitally signed software to be downloaded from our web site.

Both our web site and our software bare the nessesary certificates that prove our identity.

We have confirmed that Google scripts are blocked by MalwareBytes Browser Guard but at the same time we provide our customners with GDPR and Privacy terms which should allow us to collect statistics about our visitors since we have their explicit concent.

Likewise, software downloaded from our web site is blocked by Malware Bytes despite the fact that the setup executables downloaded are digitally signed, which causes unsessesary stress to our potential customers.

Is there a formal way to collaborate with Malware Bytes in order to prevent your excellent software from disrupting our on-line sales and prevent false positive alerts?


Kind Regards,

Elias G. Politakis
mobileFX CTO.



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There are multiple issues at play here.  I will try to address each.

  • Software Download -- We block executable files (as suspicious downloads) from some sources, as well as files whose MIME types are not appropriate for the file extension they are linked to.  We can whitelist sites for downloading, but we need to verify integrity.  Please provide a link for testing and whitelisting.  Any other block on downloads is site-based (see next item). If authentication is required or if downloads are only available after a purchase has been made, you can provide that via private message so that your confidentiality is maintained.
  • Browser Guard Blocks -- Browser Guard only blocks based on top-level domain, suspicious download and reputation.  Blocks for any other reason are done by specs provided for our premium product, are passed through to Browser Guard, and override any Browser Guard blocks.  Determination and clearing of the premium blocks are done by a separate group.
  • Google Analytics -- Is not blocked.
  • Google Tag Manager -- IS blocked, and is one of many ads/trackers Browser Guard has been designed to block, because they are generally considered invasive and unwanted by most users.  Users are free to add exclusions to Browser Guard which allow them to view all content which is otherwise blocked by Browser Guard (NOT including content blocked by our premium rules).  The only exception to this rule (as it has been discussed with me) is that if blocking of an ad/tracker interferes with core functionality of a website, continued blocking is subject to review.  If an ad/tracker is unblocked, it may be across the board or for a specific website and is determined on a case by case basis.


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