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PC Running super slow

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I recently have been experiencing my laptop running very slow. I recently installed a software(legitimate 100%) that required me to have Windows Pro features but I only had Home on me so i used a generic key from internet and upgraded my Win 10 to non-activated Win 10 Pro. And since I didn't want that the watermark I am guilty of trying a few tricks of Internet in trying to removing it and although I am pretty sure I scanned all bat files and cmd files with Virus Total before executing them I fear I might have messed up my laptop a bit.

If I have my airplane mode turn on and then I restart then on post restart I do not see the watermark (don't know the reason why).

I would really appreciate if anyone can help me figure this issue out and see if I messed up something in my registry by any chance (I remember changing  PaintDesktopVersion value data to 0)

Also is there any way I could get a fresh start on my win without having to loose my personnel data 

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I just wanted to add to this. What I meant by my laptop running slow was that whenever I would try and open file explorer or any other application it would hang for a few sec and it would show not responding message and after a few seconds it would resume but there could be a bit latency but tolerable to a certain extent I guess.

One of my friends suggested I disable the real time protection in Windows Defender as it could be slowing me down but I kinda rely on it since I don't have any other antivirus protection on my laptop.

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Hello @Revant

We are happy to assist with malware removal, but we will not help facilitate intellectual property theft. In many cases a mainstream laptop from a vendor like HP, Dell, Lenovo, etc will install Windows 10 and activate from the previous OS version.

I'm sorry but I will go ahead and close this topic. Please consider working with Microsoft support to correct this licensing issue.

Thank you


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