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Potential false positive


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2 things,


It sounds like from your log an issue with the push notifications feature in Chromium based browsers (which includes MS Edge).  Please see if the instructions in this Malwarebytes Labs article help or not.

After you remove all of the notifications following the steps in this topic.

Browser syncing is a users worst enemy in many cases.


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20 minutes ago, Kocy said:

After my regular scan the Malwarebytes notified me of Malware.Sandbox.13

Malware.Sandbox.13, C:\PROGRAMDATA\DIVX\CONVERTER\UNINSTALLER.EXE, Quarantined, 13, 0, 1.0.36481, 13, dds, 01095802, A024EBE66DB94D3335278D859B2F3F86, 2C729270883E4F01BFE005ACBBA80C1295D19F90CAA938C3CFBD869286B84AF4

This one will have to be investigated by staff. Please UN-quarantine and zip and attach here.

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1 hour ago, shadowwar said:

The file should be fixed now. 

I read through other threads and tried the restore rescan option and it appeared not infected. However upon a 2nd full scan another file in that directory appeared infected. I ignored it and scanned again and no file detected again, what do you think is going on?

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2 minutes ago, shadowwar said:

Thanks this file should no longer be detected also. It can take up to 10 mins to take effect. 

Yeah they are no longer detected. Does that mean they are false positive and nothing worth worrying? Thank you again!


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