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Home Depot google ad is a Redirect

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9 minutes ago, Przybylowicz said:

I clicked and called the number provided.

Did you allow them to control your computer?

9 minutes ago, Przybylowicz said:

Why isn't MABM catching this redirect?

The best way to avoid these redirects/ad's is to install and use Malwarebytes Browser Guard and Ublock origin in the supported browsers.

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I didn't let it take control.  I wanted to see if the plugin would stop the redirect.  If I am going to resell MBAM I want to know it catches these things fast.  It did not.  I read about it on another Forum I won't name here out of respect.  I have run multiple scans and can not find anything was installed or executed on this PC.  I just want the MBAM community to know about this new scam.



HomeDepot SCam.png

Homedepot Search ad scam link.png

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Just now, Przybylowicz said:

I have run multiple scans and can not find anything was installed or executed on this PC.

The only fallout of those scam sites is if the user falls for it and allows a remote connection. I advise my clients to only allow me remote access to their computer all others are a scam.

Those redirects are caused by malvertizments caused by an AD. Malwarebytes Premium can get some of those but the sites come and go faster than it can keep up. That is one reason Browser Guard was created.I personally put both extensions I mentioned on all supported browsers on all of my clients computers.

Browser Guard works not only from a database but it is also heuristic as well and is designed to block those redirects. It is a recommended addition to Malwarebytes premium.


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Robert, seeing you are a tech, I will pass on to you this. When I do service and when the client can afford it I sell MB. I set it to to run alongside Windows Security (Defender) in Windows 10. You have to change a setting in Malwarebytes or it will disable Defender.

Toggle the following setting off in Malwarebytes settings. Malwarebytes and Defender are a strong combination for protection.



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