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Cuffless device delivers clinically accurate blood pressure measurements


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Cuffless device delivers clinically accurate blood pressure measurements


The device is a result of a new partnership announced this week with Shanghai Minshi, a technology device designer and producer, and Bluetooth technology company WuQi, also based in Shanghai, China. In addition to measuring blood pressure, the device provides measurements of other vital signs with medical accuracy and completely cuff-less and calibration free. These parameters are blood oxygen (Sp02), respiration rate, pulse rate, and body temperature.

Developed over the last nine years, the V-Sensor is a tiny module with a fingertip-shaped depression on its surface, containing a MEMS pressure sensor embedded in flexible resin. The V-Sensor also contains an optical sensor, a temperature sensor and LMD’s custom application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) which conditions and digitizes the signals from the sensors and drives the LEDs and communication.

The portable, cuffless and calibration-free Minshi device measures blood pressure when pressure is gently applied to either side of the device by gently squeezing between thumb and forefinger. Following simple game-style instructions displayed by the dedicated app and pressing on the V-Sensor on the Minshi occludes the arteries in the tip of the index finger – exactly the same as the proven Riva-Rocci method used by a blood pressure cuff. The pressure on the fingertip that balances the pressure of the blood inside the artery is detected optically with the V-Sensor’s pulse oximeter and an absolute blood pressure reading is displayed on the user’s smartphone around 45 seconds later.


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