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I got infected by a Trojan and allowed it, HELP

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Hello all! i need your help please!

i brought it to myself, i downloaded a program from a site i didn't know, and it was a malware

once downloaded and extracted windows defender detected trojan Win32 Yamacco.AA2B as show in the picture (1) and the problem is i clicked "allow" by mistake then the other one picture(2) trojan win32 Tilevn.A got dettected, i don't remember what i did there since as you see windows says restored or removed from quarantine! then i deleted that program i downloaded, i tried runing it but it was blocked and it said that it contain a virus, so it wasn't instaled

i instaled malwarebytes, and started runnign a scan with it and with windows defender too, then defender detected the last one as shown in picture (3) trojan:html/phish!msr got detected and got blocked i clicked "remove" and went to the directory of the files infected it showed, and deleted them! so it was deleted but of course i allowed that one so i panicked!


i wanted to know if it's really gone and that's why i'm here

and i did many things, i instaled microsoft safety scanner, and did a full scan with it many times

did a full scan using windows defender too, and also windows deffender offline scan!

many scans with multiple programs, eset online, malwarebyte, hitman pro, zemana,

booted my pc on safe mode and did scan with malwarebyte again, none of them detected anything

went back to normal booting did also a boot clean and some other forms of cleaning, a sfr scann on the command prompt, cleaned the cache disabled the system restore

did a cleaning that delets the browser cache and stuff with CCleaner

i changed my emails passwords..

i don't remember what other things i also did 0 threat found, i suffer from generalized anxiety and this virus thing made me panick hard lol i worried that infos from my pc were stollen since i had some passwords written in doc.txt files

computer seems working fine nothing unusual no weird pop ups nothing out of the ordinary

so is it gone? am i safe? or a hard wipe and reinstaling windows is needed ? i wish i won't have to do this

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