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securybrowser and getwebdoctor removal

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It seems like I fell victim to a phishing attack.  After typing in the address for my intended site, I was redirected to the securybrowser website

which showed 2 out of 3 steps completed and asked me to finish installing before I could proceed to my intended website.  I was in a hurry, and the website looked similar to my intended destination so I installed the extension.  
The website then prompted me to install the Browser Checkup for Chrome from getwebdoctor,
, and I installed it.  I realized that this was malware and uninstalled the extensions right away.  I've found posts on this forum for securybrower and ran Malwarebytes as the first post suggests and found no malware.  I have a mac so I don't know how much the second post applies to me.  I've also clear my Chrome cache.  Should I install a fresh copy of Chrome as the second post suggests?  Are there other steps I should take?
Thank you for your help.
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Unless you are experiencing issues of any kind, I see no need to do anything else.

Extensions such as this usually cause you to see more ads / pop-ups, change your home page or search engine. Malwarebytes is not able to correct the latter two settings, leaving that up to the user. If none of these things occur going forward, you should be good to go.

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