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Test post - ignore


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Yes, annoying, isn't it?  Try to post 😄 or 😧 to denote a drive letter and you end up with an emoji, unless you follow it with a character in the string (such as \), though using BBCode tags around it seems to eliminate it as well (I used [ b] to make them bold in the previous sentence which prevented them from transforming into emojis once I hit the spacebar afterwards where it would normally transform them).

By editing it caused them to transform anyway, so go figure.

Gotta love it!

Edited by exile360
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1 minute ago, exile360 said:

😄 <- this has bold tags around it C:\ <- this has a trailing backslash (\) 😄 <- this one has nothing and turned into an emoji immediately.

The first one above will turn into an emoji if I edit this post, but if I don't, it will remain C : as it should.

I can quote the post and it doesn't seem to turn the first one into an emoji either, so that's good.

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9 hours ago, AdvancedSetup said:

Underlying HTML code though is not

C&shy;: is fine


Hey, got to have some fun with those techies by posting it! ;) It definitely makes people look twice at it, but yeah you're right underlying HTML code is absolutely not fine.

Just in case there's any concern, posting HTML entities doesn't actually work. If you post a soft hyphen, using Alt+0173 your encoding takes care of the rest. 🙂

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