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False positive of Zoho domain

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Hi Team,
We, Zoho WorkDrive are a Cloud based Content Collaboration Software provided by Zoho Corporation; check this link - https://www.zoho.com/workdrive/ for more details. Our product has a feature which allows files/folders uploaded to WorkDrive and can be shared to everyone on the internet by generating an external link for the file. These links are hosted in a domain https://workdrive.zohoexternal.com /https://files.zohoexternal.com owned by ZohoCorporation. The former is used for file preview and the later is used for file download (here is a sample link the file downloaded is an image and is not virulent).
We learnt that MalwareBytes Browser Guard has categorised this domain  as a phishing site and our customers receive alerts (I've attached screenshots of the same). Can you declassify the domain "https://*.zohoexternal.com as non-malicious so that our customers will be able to access the domain without any hassles. 
Here are the steps we perform to ensure that malware content does not get hosted from Zoho WorkDrive 
      1. We have an Anti Virus scan in place which validates the files during upload. This ensures that most malware cannot be uploaded to the cloud at all.
      2. We also have a spam and fraudulence detection algorithm in place which identifies if the uploaded files are phishing documents.

This means most spamming documents get filtered out as spam and never get published.

We also regularly monitor abuse complaints from our customers to ensure that the few links that were missed to be captured by our mitigation steps are duly pulled down. Despite our best efforts to identify spam and spammers a few spam files do get published from WorkDrive and in such unfortunate instances the entire domain gets blocked.  We'd like to know if the domain can be classified as a "Content Collaboration" site so that in future instances the domain will not get blocked.
Chandramathi M

Screenshot 2021-01-20 at 4.42.22 PM.png

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Is there an option to change the reputation of the domain "zohoexternal" to a "Content collaboration" site? All files hosted here doesn't belong to Zoho but customers of Zoho. We're a document management store. When one user uploads a malicious file, thousands of other users can't access our service because the entire domain gets blocked. Is there a means to skip this? 

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