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I am an Admin and i cant seem to access anything to do with admin

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Hello @BinaryDuPizza

I don't see anything obvious in the logs to indicate an issue.

abdullah (S-1-5-21-3508182178-1698061845-2904005064-1001 - Administrator - Enabled) => C:\Users\abdul
Ran by abdullah (administrator) on DESKTOP-5ICML61 (20-01-2021 01:09:17)
Running from D:\Users\Abdullah\Desktop
Loaded Profiles: abdullah


That shows you have Admin rights and are logged in with that profile.

What specifically are you seeing or trying to do that gives you an error or issue?


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Hello, the thing is, i do have admin, but whenever i do try and do anything admin related its i am unable to do this.

I cant open Task Manager.

I cant open any software or program as admin.

i cant verify a program as admin, the program freezes for a good min before displaying an error a message.

I was thinking maybe this is a virus or malware that's why i came here for help, i read an article that said to install something so it can scan my PC, i did that, and sent it to you guys but that clearly didnt show anything odd. 

However, its clear on my end that i do have a very big problem. I went into safe mode and everything is totally fine, i have no trouble installing software or programs that require Admin privileges and i can open task Manage. but the problem is i cant access the network, i then found i can boot through safe mode using the network, but then its worst for me, it keeps coming with a message saying "end process" or "kill process" and everything is very slow, and it keeps resetting my wifi, so i need always need to re-enter the Wi-Fi password and even then after 5 mins of it telling me its scanning the network it tells me that im unable to connect.  However i still am able to install software, but when i tried to install McAfee, the installation reached 54% then halts, i tried this four times with it stopping at different percentages.


im sorry if im confusing you with my words, i hope anything i said can be of use. and if anything else is needed please do not hesitate to ask.




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