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Notify if don't re-input license on new device or if too many devices?

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What happens if someone doesn't re-input their license key when transferring to a new device? Do they get a notification that Malwarebytes is not on the premium version? It would be easy for someone to forget or not know to do that, and then they would not be on the premium version -- they'd be unprotected and wouldn't realize it.

Also, does Malwarebytes notify you if you have too many devices on your account?

Thank you!

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On migration via Setup Assistant or Migration Assistant, I honestly have no idea what would happen. I don't think that's a test case we've run, AFAIK.

Normally, if you were to try to activate on too many devices, you'd get an error message and would immediately know. But I have no idea what would happen with a migration. And if you had enough seats on your license to support another device, I'm honestly not sure if the migrated software would show up as Premium, or if it would see that it's running on a different device and revert to free.

These are things we'll need to test. However, my advice to you if you want to make sure it works is to do the following:

1) Deactivate your license on the old machine, in the Malwarebytes app settings

2) Install fresh on the new machine, rather than migrating the app

3) Activate your license on the new machine

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Thank you so much for your candid response!

My comment, then: Many people don't think too much about this sort of stuff. People would be in danger of thinking they had the premium version and not realizing the software had reverted to free and they weren't adequately protected.

So although too many notifications might hassle folks who are using Malwarebytes for free, I'd think it would be reasonable to show a few reminders. I'd say Malwarebytes has a greater responsibility to those people who've paid for the premium version!

Malwarebytes could also show notifications that had a "Don't remind me again" checkbox.

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If the licensing works the way it does on Windows, it will recognize that it isn't installed on the same machine and will revert to free mode.

I've never seen a freemium software like Malwarebytes notify free users that they might need to register the software to activate their possible paid subscription.  It would lead to a lot of confusion if it did that in my opinion.  Securing my devices is a high priority for me, so one of the first things I do whenever setting up a new device is install and activate my anti-malware software, ensuring that its protection is active, that it is the latest version, and that it has the latest updates and threat signatures.  After that, I update/patch the operating system, browser(s), and install any browser add-ons/extensions I use for security and blocking ads and trackers.

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Thanks, exile360. What you mention is ideal -- but most people are not experts and may not go into the applications much at all unless they need to or they notice something's wrong. But if they don't get notifications, then they won't realize something's wrong.

If a software has a separate free version and a premium version, then people presumably chose to get just the free version. But if the two are the same software *and* it reverts to free mode when you get a new device, and if the software is vital -- as anti-malware software is -- then I think it's the responsibility of the software to notify people that they are no longer on the premium version.

Why not notify free users that they need to register the software to activate their possible paid subscription? Why would that be confusing? If you don't notify people, then they're trusting the software and it's really letting them down.

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It would be confusing because free users don't need to activate the software and don't have license keys.

That said, for Premium users Malwarebytes has the My Account feature which is used for managing subscriptions and devices and makes dealing with it a whole lot easier.  It lets you track which subscriptions are active, when they will renew, and which devices they are active on.  More info on the My Account feature can be found in this support article and instructions on signing up are located in this support article.

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On the Windows version there is a free 14-day trial, and once it comes time for the trial to expire, it notifies the user so that they are prompted to either purchase the software/enter their license key if they have one already, or to revert to free mode.  For an existing paid user running the software on a new device, the experience should be the same so they would be informed that they're going to lose their protection if they don't activate it with their license key.

I'm not sure if it works that way on the Mac version or not though, but it would help in cases like the ones you describe if it did I would think.

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