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aimcosoftware.co.uk has been flagged by your Browser Guard.

Your defamatory language is neither warranted, nor appreciated.

You don't have any idea about our company, yet you display a defamatory messages about our company.

This is very wrong, by any standard.

Browser Guard.png

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What on earth has traffic got to do with it?

This is just rubbish, you are defaming other companies, that is not acceptable.

I can read the precise message but you are deliberately trying to scare people into not proceeding.

That is neither fair nor justified. It is a disgusting business practice.

Suppose we started to defame Malware Bytes, would you be happy about it?

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4 minutes ago, ukandrewc said:

Has this been removed yet?

When the staff member responsible for Browser Guard comes on line and whitelists this you will be notified in this topic.

From the location of that member, it will most likely be in the next 5 hours.


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Why so agresive post?

Was a false positive, and now site is unblocked

Also, if you mean about the message itself, maybe would be a good idea than depends the block type, appear or no the red sentence as is not the same block due reputation than block due malware

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Also, I emailed the CEO who has refused to apologise or even comment on their defamatory wording and aggressive blocking of our legitimate web site.

Like many AV companies, MalwareBytes sets themselves up as guardians, who have no concern for the businesses they affect.

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Can I also remind you that the message reads "... web sites with relatively light traffic AND HAVE BEEN REPORTED TO HAVE MALICIOUS ACTIVITY.."

That was an aggressive and malicious attack on our company. Our company has NEVER been involved in any malicious activity. MalwareBytes can out fighting, so we responded in the same manner.

If MalwareBytes want people to be moderated in their response, they need to stop attacking companies that are unknown to them.

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