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Must mobile phone have MWB acct to get Browser Guard ?


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5 hours ago, deucy14 said:

Is it necessary to have a MWB account on a smart phone (currently using Firefox) before downloading Browser Guard ? ….. or just a user name and password ? 

Thanks as always !

Hello @deucy14 . There's no need for an account to install MWB Browser Guard however Browser Guard is not availible on mobile devices but you can download it at the google store and at Mozilla FF extensions. More information can be found here. If there is anything else you need feel free to ask anytime.

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Thank you, Hardhead !

For clarity, I wish to resolve in my mind your statement:  Browser Guard is not available....Period......for mobile phone.

Yet you stated B G can be downloaded at Mozilla FF and FF.  I am inferring that means downloaded to a computer for instance, BUT NOT to a mobile phone.   

The link you provided gave advice on downloading B G but made nothing specific about where one can and where one cannot download B G to. 

On the smart phone, I used a Firefox browser, went to Firefox extensions and came up empty for B G. 




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Thank you, Porthos !  ... re Browser Guard

The Browser Guard I have had on my desktop computer has worked for about a year that I have had it, BUT now there are some "big leaks."

Both   CNBC.com and YahooFinance.com  are examples of two sites I use daily, extensively.  CNBC has 16 to 20 units coming through and

Yahoo Finance has at this moment 129.  I have not white listed them; (I checked to make sure.)

Any recommendations ?




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15 minutes ago, Zeus_Dog said:

Hey Porthos,


Out of curiosity Malwarebytes used to make it though it was called Malwarebytes Browser Extension at the time that stopped at version1.0.47. I have it on two android tablets with firefox, have any clue why they stopped making it?

I do not own a tablet so I do not know if they use the same extensions as a phone or a Windows computer. I also only repair Windows computers in my business as well.

Could be a Firefox for Android restriction.

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5 hours ago, Zeus_Dog said:

Out of curiosity Malwarebytes used to make it though it was called Malwarebytes Browser Extension at the time that stopped at version1.0.47. I have it on two android tablets with firefox, have any clue why they stopped making it?

Hello @Zeus_Dog ,

I went way back and checked the history and only found version 2.0 here and here. It may be possible that there may have been a earlier version for tablets and only Dev Staff would know that. Another possible theory is it may have been a Rogue product.

At the present time Malwarebytes Browser Guard is only available for these browsers only. Chrome, Edge, and Firefox which is at the bottom of this page here.

If my memory serves me well I do believe at one time there was a version for tablets but it has been years ago and may have been discontinued. My guess is 2 1/2 to 3 years ago. I may stand to be corrected.

Hopefully someone from Dev Staff can answer your question..

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7 hours ago, Porthos said:


You mean what to do about the phone since the desktop version blocks items?

No....my inquiry was not related to phone, mobile devices. I will ask my question differently. It is about the Browser Guard itself.  Question:  When I see a number count clicking upward on my malwarebyte Browser Guard immediately after landing on a site, what is being manifested ....numbers of trackers that are being thwarted successfully or a collection of trackers that have arrived, and not being removed ?  I expect generally it to be a low number of trackers counted that have been successful at getting on and staying on because Browser Guard has done a good job keeping possibly larger numbers from getting on and staying on.  Both CNBC dot com and Yahoo Finance dot com after I get on those sites are showing a running count of numbers.  CNBC 8 to 10 and Yahoo Finance clicking up to over a hundred before finally remaining at a high number.

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The number you see on the Malwarebytes Browser Guard icon in the browser's toolbar are the number of sites/connections being blocked, including ads, trackers, malware, and anything else it might be blocking on the current page.  In my experience, when most sites show a large number of blocks in rapid succession, it is generally due to a large number of rotating ads and trackers, as many sites are set up to use several as well as to retry when displaying one ad fails by attempting to display another.  I see the same thing in other blocking extensions such as uBlock Origin quite often.

You can click the icon to see further details on what's been blocked on the current page and what its source was.

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Hey Hardhead,

  That Malwarebytes Browser Extension 1.0.47 was when Browser Guard was still in beta, and it was available on Firefox's official addons site. It was also on My 2 Windows 7 desktops with the Malwarebytes name as creator. Then when Malwarebytes switched it out of beta and called it Browser Guard it automatically updated to Browser Guard on my pc's but not on the Kindle Fire tablets and was no longer listed on the Firefox addons site anymore as Malwarebytes Browser Extension. Subsequently Browser Guard was no longer compatible with the Kindles so could not be installed though the original one is still running on them but not updated anymore. I am sure it was an official Malwarebytes extension just stopped being compatible with the change over. Anyways I know this is a little off topic from the op's question but was curious about it.

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