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Does Malwarebytes prompt you to activate the premium version if you forget?

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My family members have Malwarebytes for Mac, and my sister *thought* she had it and even paid to renew it, but it turns out she never activated the premium version so it was running the free version. Does Malwarebytes for Mac give notifications if you forget to input your license key and activate the premium version? If not, it would be easy to forget and think you'd taken care of it because you'd paid.

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Unfortunately, because the same application is used for both the free and Premium versions, it does not show any sort of reminder as that wouldn't make sense for users of the free version who have not purchased a license.  That said, I do believe the email customers are sent containing their license keys does provide them with a link to instructions on activating the Premium version.

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I believe that such e-mail reminders already are being sent, when possible. (For purchases through our website, for example, our automated systems can associate the e-mail used for the purchase with the license, and can see that the license hasn't been redeemed yet.) However, I believe those e-mails are sent sparingly, to avoid harassing folks, and it's entirely possible those messages could end up in a spam folder and never be seen.

As mentioned by exile360, the app itself has no idea who you are and whether you've purchased or not, so can't show a notification without hassling all the folks who are using the free functionality.

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Feature request: Although too many notifications might hassle folks who are using Malwarebytes for free, I'd think it would be reasonable to show just a couple of reminders, for those people who forget to activate the premium version, or perhaps if they transfer to a new computer and forget (or don't know) to re-activate their license. I'd say Malwarebytes has a greater responsibility to those people who've paid for the premium version!

Malwarebytes could also show a notification that had a "Don't remind me again" checkbox.

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