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Incompatible with Chrono Download Manager extension


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I am currently running Google Chrome Version 87.0.4280.141 and have Malwarebytes Browser Guard v2.2.17 and Chrono Download Manager v0.11.0 installed in my extensions.

Before, I did not have Chrono Download Manager installed and the Malwarebytes Browser Guard was working fine. After installing the Chrono Download Manager extension, Malwarebytes Browser Guard would display an error every time I downloaded a file. Not too sure why this keeps happening.  image.png.99e8ab314718f182bbfe6767117c1be4.png

I also get this error but not sure if it is 100% relatable but it seems to be another issue with compatibility.






Thanks in advance.

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There are known incompatibilities with any browser extension that renames files as they are being downloaded.  I would recommend turning off Browser Guard for the site where the issue you have described is occurring.

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This has been a continuous issue for myself as well — irrespective of the site downloaded from (MBG 2.3.14 is currently installed in Brave and Slimjet, along with MWB Premium; this has not been an issue with Firefox ESR).

Is there a way to disable the download naming component in the MBG and defer to Chrono DM in the handling of d/l naming and end this annoying conflict?  (If not, then could that configuration feature be added in a future release?)

Thank you.

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No problem.  I just heard back from the developer.  Your download manager and Browser Guard are both trying to use the same browser API to assure that no "funny business" is happening when you are trying to download a file.  The API in use is the most appropriate one for this purpose.  Unfortunately, only one extension can have a listener attached to that API at any given time.  As an outsider, I don't think that trying to configure primary/secondary access to the API would be viable.  All vendors would want primary access, and we would be back where we started from.

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