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Remote Connecting from mobile to pc - how to


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With my system down, how do I connect from my mobile to any remote pc and access web from there? I tried connecting with anydesk and did connect from my mobile to a remote pc but unable to get kbd for browser inputs and stuck there though able to open browser but w/o kbd stuck. Any suggestions, this.

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Why is your system down?

If it's simply internet access then tether the phone to a laptop by usb or bluetooth, or make the phone a portable/mobile wifi hotspot.

That way you are simply using the phone as a mobile router and using your computer as normal.

A cabled usb connection is better as it doesn't drain the phones battery as much as bluetooth/hotspot, and even charges it when you are idle.

(I've had no fixed broadband or wifi for a couple of months now, I'm tethering my laptop to the phones signal via usb).

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@nukecad my system display is down and needs replacement and other allied issues and simply unusable . So. For trading purpose I find problems using mobile and want to remote connect to another pc and access trading terminals from there or view trading charts from there but find w/o a proper coordination with the remote person whose help is badly needed for kbd inputs. Charts panning , scrolling etc and also when doing this from mobile can't make calls as it disrupts network and all communication with remote person has to be thru notepad/ within anydesk and has to be done with patience.

It's the remote person support which is a sore aspect and also during this hv to ask remote pc to avoid any further browsing from the end to limit data usage which can burden both esp. me with limited mobile data plan to go with.

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43 minutes ago, nukecad said:

I assume the trading isn't going that well? (If it was you could afford a new computer).

@nukecad some teething issues with recent policy changes with margin, exposure limits, brokerage are there which with time will overcome. Hv backup systems outstation which for time being wish to access and need for remote access from mobile.

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@nukecadone can use whatsapp (or other similar apps) to communicate w/o net disruption.

This aside, just when I was stuck with no further options, struck on a very good break in strategy for limited trades to best effect, which holds good promise with NG, Silver etc. so far in study. Further studies to take up but from what is seen, it's potential is to be seen to believe.

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Mymy there is a diff in scrolling / panning between apps while one uses single finger scroll other needs 2 finger scroll and this caused confusion in viewing charts properly and knowing this now, no problem to view charts and no need for remote access for it . The only aspect to check is how to record 'live' market calls for plan proof? Any ideas/suggestions? Tks.

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