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Website saasdirect.ca blocked due to a suspicious download


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I am trying to download Quickbooks Pro 2020 from the email link received when purchased from saasdirect.ca.  I am getting the message below.  I think this is a false positive and would like to know if it is safe to download because I paid for it on a previous laptop and need to reinstall on my new one.

Website blocked due to a suspicious download

Download blocked: https://www.google.com/url?q=https://www.saasdirect.ca/?download_file%3D603%26order%3Dwc_order_uupowKXVGGtFm%26uid%3D154ebe3757cee9cf60a4ee9179535255af51570ebd5543fd9b6003e89d3c27ab%26key%3D8dd41d0e-1640-4b4b-9e70-c8704a850dc1&source=gmail&ust=1609443385366000&usg=AFQjCNHlBs_VTilnZdlzSSGIcGpN2b-dxA

Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocks downloads that either come from websites that see relatively light traffic or may contain potentially malicious content. This is intended to protect you from new scams. However, if you trust content from this site and would like to proceed, click "Continue."

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I have added a whitelist that may or may not work here.  Please allow 30 minutes before doing anything about this.

After that time, try repeating what you did before.  If it works, great.  If it doesn't...

Downloading a file from saasdirect.ca via Google with Gmail as a middleman may be the cause here.  Can you try it directly from the saasdirect.ca website, so that (if it fails), a block message with a usable URL?  You may need to parse the meaningful parts of the link to do that.  It may work, or it may fail.  If it does fail, I should have a clear target.

I am afraid that if I try to do that (and am successful), it might prevent you from a second download from a different address...that would appear like piracy to the vendor.

Keeping my fingers crossed!

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