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Possible loss of mssages and notifications.


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Hello @AlexSmith and/or @AdvancedSetup:

In checking my account's private messages and notifications on this forum, at least several days, if not weeks, of history are suddenly missing.

Could this be related to forum issue, noted by another today, at Invision Community?

Thank you.

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Added Ron in case Alex is away.
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Some 504, bottom right corner of the screenshot,  outages have been noticed today on other Invision based forums (CCleaner is one, the posts about it are in the staff sub-forum).

I've not seen anyone else lose messages, post history, etc. yet
But we have seen that loss on CCleaner forum when we first updated to 4.5, the older stuff came back after a week but we lost anything from that week.

I'm guessing that todays is an (another) Invision server glitch?

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I received an email notification for  @nukecad's reply but not a notification for @alvarnell's  reply.

I'll note I had a similar issue on 12/23 and brought it to the attention of @AdvancedSetup where it was suggested that I reset Notification settings.  I also un-followed and then re-Followed a given thread.  This is the same thread I am now again experiencing email notification drop-outs.


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