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Website blocked?

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Please unblock ProphecyFilm.com

Why is this website blocked when it is clean? This is the second time I have made a topic about you blocking my website for no reason, and also, your blocking message is malicious since it indicates a crime is being committed:

Website blocked due to phishing

I can assure you that no such things is happening on my site. And by the way, what is the reason for you blocking it but not any other of my sites, such as Doomsdaytube.com even though they are identical?

Please respond as fast as possible.

Thanks for reading, and God bless.

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This is the second time in a year you have blocked my site. How come you block my site even in the first place? Perhaps you should block your own site with a e warning that you are trying ti steal other people's credit card information before blocking others, for then you would learn to manually check beforehand the accusation of everyone and not just do it automatically.

I know you probably don't care that much (if  you did care, you would manually review every accusation beforehand blocking or quit the company), but if it was your own site, you would care.

I would not be surprised if someone, legally, sues you in the future for your evil and libelling block message of that "the site is phishing you and trying to steal your credit card information" as if it is actually happening, because as we clearly see, this is not the case in many or perhaps most cases, yet still you block innocent people and give them bad reputation for no reason other than profit for your own organization.

Tell me, is the blocking process manual or automatic? Tell me please, and then we shall see how well and thorough you do your job.

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37 minutes ago, VilleHietanen said:

How come you block my site even in the first place?

Because it keeps getting listed by sites like this.



This one is still showing as bad from the last time you posted.


39 minutes ago, VilleHietanen said:

is the blocking process manual or automatic?

I think it is some of both.

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Thx for replying, but I believe you should manually review everyone before blocking someone. Malwarebytes certainly have the money and means to do so, so it would only be laziness if they don't do it. When they get sued, and I am sure they will eventually, they will probably start doing it.

One cannot just accuse site owners of phishing and trying to steal credit card information so lightly as you do currently, but before accusing, there must be hard evidence and a manual review, then it can be blocked for safety of the people.

Is there a way to get whitelisted somehow, or added to a manual review list so I won't get blocked again, if this so called virus site labels us again?

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You might study the contents of your /croatian and /spiritual-warfare folders.  They are what is causing the problems.  Malwarebytes is only echoing what several other vendors have determined through their analysis.  As far as reviewing every site before acting on any site, there is no capability to make a single pass through the Internet, let alone changes that happen on a minute-by-minute basis.  I wish I had that kind of computer power available!

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22 hours ago, gonzo said:

The reputation block which followed has also been removed. Please allow 15-30 minutes for changes to take effect.


Can you also remove the block from the Malwarebytes Browser Guard. The browser guard claims the site has a trojan, but this is false.

Browser Guard
Website blocked due to trojan
Website blocked: prophecyfilm.com

Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocked this website because it may contain malware activity.
We strongly recommend you do not continue.

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Just now, Porthos said:

Already removed.

Then why did the browser guard block my website. When I opened a new browser with the browser guard activated, the site become blocked.

But when closing the block page, and typing the website name again, then it works signing in. This seems to be some bug in your program, that it blocks websites that should be unblocked, unless visited twice or something.

The block message I showed you above should not have been given if the site was really unblocked properly.

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