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Lost business licence after reinstalling Windows 10

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I had an issue with Windows 10 that rendered it so slow as to be impossible to use.  I couldn't initiate any programs, repair or diagnostic work.  Furthermore, the computer had Bitlocker installed and I didn't have the access code so it was impossible to find out what the issue was.

The only thing that I could do was to reinstall Windows 10 from scratch.

After I did this, there seems to be no record anywhere of my Malwarebytes business licence.  It doesn't appear in my online account.  Perhaps this is because Windows 10 generates a random name for the computer and this does not match the previous random name generated.

How can I get over this issue and reinstall the business licence?

Thanks,  Pete


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I'm sorry you're experiencing trouble with your license.  You will most likely need to contact Malwarebytes Support directly by filling out the form on this page if the issue doesn't self-correct at some point as they may need to fix the issue on their end.  Please keep in mind that due to the pandemic as well as short staffing through the holidays, it may take a week or more to receive a response, but hopefully you will hear back sooner than that.

If there is anything else we might help you with please let us know.


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Thank you for your response.  Yes, I had already filled in the form as you suggested.  I posted here so that others might be aware of the potential issue.

I have since received two emails from Malwarebytes, both trying to sell me Endpoint Security.  Unfortunately no contact about this issue as far as I can see.

However, I appreciate that this may involve a different department and that the relevant department may be short staffed due to the pandemic and holidays, as you have said. 

Fortunately there is no rush as I have a replacement computer that uses different security software and this is currently running fine. 

No disrespect intended towards Malwarebytes: my previous experiences at other companies are all highly positive.

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