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Browser Guard Blocking Scripts from Loading


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I work for a company called Wunderkind, and am reaching out today to inquire about how our two products interact with each other.


We've had a number of mutual clients reach out to us and explain that your product blocks ours from loading on their site. We deploy our product via a JS script, which your extension appears to be blocking our scripts when enabled. Is it possible to set up some time to talk through this, our product/offering, and how we can go about rectifying this going forward? Thank you in advance!

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Gotcha - it could very well be that certain functions are being blocked as opposed to our entire tag (thank you also for the quick reply here). I'm attaching two screenshots of a site where both of our products are running (note we could replicate this on any other site where the Wunderkind scripts are placed) and you can see that our network requests do not fire in this scenario, but do when Browser Guard is disabled.

To answer your question here, our smart tag (JS based) load custom code onsite to help our customers more effectively reach their end users both from an onsite perspective (overlays, bars, annotations, etc) and from an email inbox perspective with triggered sends that are based off of user behavior. 

Natural Baby Shower – Browser Guard Enabled.png

Natural Baby Shower.png

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I have asked my manager to look at this thread as well.  He was in meetings today.  At issue is the problem you are reporting with reference to one of the overall goals of Browser Guard -- user privacy.  I can see the conflict, and the determination of how to resolve this needs to originate with my manager.  I am hoping he will be able to respond tomorrow, however we are also heading into Christmas break.

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Thank you! Understood with respect to the purpose of Browser Guard being to promote user privacy, however we believe that our product is critical to the user experience and that our clients prefer to have our modal impress onsite than not. The suppression of these modals impacts our clients directly when it comes to performance and revenue. If scheduling time for after the Christmas holiday is preferred, we are happy to accommodate that - looking forward to discussing this with your team to see what we can do!

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I cannot speak for my manager's availability, but I agree that further discussion is needed.  While some trackers are invasive, others add value to the user experience.  I do understand where you are coming from, and hope that a mutually beneficial solution is possible.  I have made a note of this thread, and will reach out to you after Christmas break (most likely after January 4).

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