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Tracker/Ad Explosion


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Installed Malwarebytes Browser Guard for Firefox the other day.

I also have CCleaner which has a feature to clean all trackers/ads from my system.

After installing Malwarebytes Browser Guard I have seen a huge increase in trackers/ads that CCleaner detects....like from being in the teens to now in the hundreds.

Is Browser Guard actually blocking trackers and ads and keeping them from being on my system???

Thanks for any explanation and have a merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.


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4 hours ago, wonkabear said:

I have seen a huge increase in trackers/ads that CCleaner detects....like from being in the teens to now in the hundreds.

It's not Malwarebytes Browser Guard doing that.

Iit sounds as if you have synced your Firefox. (Intentionally or unintentionally).

If so then the trackers/ads that CCleaner is removing from you computer each time are simply being synced back again when you reopen Firefox, and then more new ones added as you continue to browse.
Unless you clear the synced data from within Firefox itself, or turn off syncing, then the list that CCleaner finds on your computer each time you have used Firefox is just going to keep growing.

See this for a longer explanation: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/52668-tracking-files/?tab=comments#comment-300043
That forum is also the place to ask for help with using CCleaner. (If you ask a question over there I'll probably pick it up myself).

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Thank you for the informative reply.

I checked my settings in Firefox.  No syncing and my privacy settings are set to strict (block ads, trackers, etc)

Also set to delete all history and other junk when Firefox closes....although I don't think it gets everything.

I'll check out the link you provided to see if it helps.

Thanks again and have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



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No problem, as I say if you have any questions/issues with CCleaner then the CCleaner forum is the place to get help.

Like the experienced users here on the Malwarebytes forum we have usually seen/fixed it before and are able to sort most things out without the need to raise a support ticket.

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