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Browser Guard causing multiple popup windows for some kind of fixit


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I tried to install Malwarebytes Free with Browser Guard twice a few minutes ago.At the end of the install I was taken to a web page where I encountered a bunch of popup windows for some kind of fixit or add-it thing  and the popups kept popping up faster than I could keep up with them, so I closed the browser and  when I restarted it, the poipups were gone.  Could this be a result of my using Firefox 84.0 64bit in a sandbox (Sandboxie 5.33.3 64bit)? If bnot does anyone know what happened?  I was not installing the MB program within the sandboxed browser, but I have Firefox set to run sandboxed by default.  The activities I saw looked like malware, but I cannot be sure.


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I'm not sure what it was that you saw, but if you see it again or encounter any other issues please let us know.  It is possible that Firefox was trying to reopen a previous page which contained aggressive pop-up ads.

If you are concerned that your system might be infected you can allow one of our malware removal specialists to take a look and ensure that it is clean.  To do so, please follow the instructions in this topic, skipping any steps you are unable to complete, then create a new topic in our malware removal area by clicking here and a malware removal specialist will guide you in checking and cleaning your system of any threats.

If there is anything further we might assist you with please let us know.


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