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Another day, another cat wake-up.

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LoL David,

That reminds me of my last cat Buddie. Had to put him down last year but he was just like that except for the bat part. He would lick my finger and start making a noise I have never heard a cat make and bite on my finger while making the noise. Great video... Thanks for sharing because it reminds me of him. He was a trip and Belle my dog would chase him through the house and he would hind out and scare Belle and chase Belle all over the house. It was just a game they played together. It was so funny. You would just have to see it.

I will never forget when I was around 8 years old we had a Siamese cat and a Burmese cat. Ching and Coco. Coco would chase dogs out of the yard and actually get on the dogs back and ride it down the road while the dog was just screaming. Talking about funny. It was a site to see. You just had to be there. Gosh that was so many years ago.I have always had cats and dogs. Well the dogs you have to take care of them more and the cats are much more easier to have as a pet. I know Belle the dog I have misses Buddie and did for many months after I had to put him down but the video brings back great memories. So cool! 

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