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Not able to Access internet


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Can  you try uninstalling and reinstalling, making sure you get the latest version of the Privacy app?

To uninstall, simply drag the app to the trash. When you see a warning saying that the Privacy app is hosting system extensions, click Continue.

To reinstall, make sure to grab the latest version of the Privacy app from here, and follow the installation instructions again:


If that doesn't help, let me know.

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Hello @mavrck,



We would like to gather Diagnostic/Debug logs to trace the issue.

Please set the application to “Diagnostic mode”. To do that, click on privacy icon and click on “Gear Icon” or settings and toggle ON Diagnostic mode.
After that, try connection different servers and use Internet to access sites.
If the issue still persists, run our support tool with the help of below steps.
Download support tool MBST-Mac.zip from the link below
Note: ignore the flags/blockage from browsers as the tool is safe to run
  • Go to Download folder
  • Double click to Unzip/decompress the file, and press control or double click MBST-Mac and choose Open and proceed to the next step
Enter your computer admin user password in the request; that password is not provided to the app, it simply tells the system that the app is authorized to perform those operations.
Mojave or Catalina, above users need to allow this tool to access the finder app and system events.
There is no need to allow contact and calendar.
After tool finishes to collect log, it will create a zip file on the desktop with name MWB_Info.zip
Please don't attach MWB_Info.zip file to this post. Instead attach the file with below box link.
Click here >>>  Upload file requested
Thank you.
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Hello @JKY,

Thank you for reporting us the issue with privacy app.


Please refer to previous post (https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/268088-not-able-to-access-internet/?do=findComment&comment=1427626 )  to gather our app reports so that we can further investigate the issue.

Additionally, please let us know if you are running any other VPN apps along with our Privacy (VPN) app.



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Just a note here that you should not try to connect to more than one VPN at the same time. That can cause internet connectivity issues. This isn't specifically about collection of data by MBST-Mac, it applies to your day-to-day usage. It shouldn't hurt to have multiple VPNs installed, but you'll need to make sure that you're not connecting to more than one at one time.

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