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How to install Malwarebytes (x86) on M1 Mac?

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a question about install to @treed or @adas


Change something to install Malwarebytes (x86) on a Mac M1 or just run the installer with Rosetta2 and then everything goes as usual including approval of the System Extension?
I currently use 4.6.12 on Intel Macs but in the near future I will have to do the platform change (probably before an M1 version of Malwarebytes comes out) 


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You don't need to do anything special. As long as you have the installer for version 4.6.12, that will install on an M1 device running Big Sur. For this version of the software, the installation and activation process won't be any different than it would be on Catalina. (Specifically, you'll have to give Malwarebytes Protection full disk access after installation.)

This isn't M1-native code yet, of course, as mentioned in that topic you linked to. However, once native M1 code is available, it will install as an update automatically in the background (assuming you've got it set to install software updates automatically, which is recommended).

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23 minutes ago, treed said:

BTW, since this isn't really related to a beta, and may be of more general interest, I'll move this over to the Malwarebytes for Mac Support Forum.

I had asked @AdvancedSetup to move it via PM but he hasn't seen my message yet. Thanks for moving it

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