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Phishing scam using malwarebytes subscription (cares@usorderreceipt02.co)


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Dear Customer,

Your subscription for  <code>Malware bytes Security</code>
has been renewed.

Ticket Num      : 289-1412-685528  
Renewal Date    : Dec 14, 2020 
Items :- Malware bytes secure system 
Price :- $449.99 
Payment mode :-Visa/master(Auto debit)

Next yearly Subscription Auto Renews on Dec 14, 2021

By subscribing you authorize us to charge you the subscription cost (as mentioned above) automatically, charged yearly to the payment method provided until cancelled. Keep this for your record. 

For Any questions related to this order, please call us at +1 850-679-0550 

Please do not reply to this is a system generated Email. 

Best Regards, 
Malware bytes secure protection team 
Helpline: +1 850-679-0550

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This is not Phishing nor is it malware related.  It is a variation of a Tech Support scam in the name of Malwarebytes.  You are now the 4th forum member to post about this scam.

Please Reference:

Phishing is a process masquerading as a known entity where a web site, a PDF or other document uses content that emulates that entity and tries to get the victim to provide login credentials or Personally Identifiable information (PII).  For example a compromised web Site may have content that looks like the legitimate Login for USAA.  However, it is all about harvesting a victims USAA account credentials.


** I have requested this thread be moved to General Chat


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Hi @Rajdaj!!

Thanks for sharing this. As pointed out by @David H. Lipman, this is a known tech support scam that is using the Malwarebytes name in an attempt to trick users. These sorts of scams are sadly common and have used our name and other major technology company names in the past.

With that being said, our research team is doing whatever we can to combat these scammers, but the best advice is to ignore/delete these emails and remember that we would never legitimately send an email like this.

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