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Legit processes connecting to seemingly "malicious" ips?


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I already asked it somewhere else but I thought that I'd get that cleared up in general, otherwise I'll just run in cycles, apologies if this is a nobrainer.

Anyway, whenever I check my network traffic, I see processes like svchost, gamingservices, yourphone etc connecting to ip's that have detections on virustotal, tons of negative reviews and sometimes even get deemed as botnet attacks on other sites. I got curious if this is normal or not, could be people hating on microsoft ip connections, because scans show no malware or whatsoever and I already got this PC inspected here a few weeks ago, I had these connections already before but I suppose my paranoia didn't care as much at the time. Just wanna make sure if this is safe or if I have to take measures. If IP names or whatever can't be spoofed, the connections so far came from Akemai Technologies, Microsoft, Verizon Business.




And many more, but you get the idea, im just listening up two, it's mostly random connections from the ISP's I listed up.


Don't really have any other examples at the hand, there have been a few IP's on other legit processes where it deemed them dangerous. I opened another topic for this, but it kinda shifted towards removing bloatware or out of date programs instead, I am probably just way too paranoid about this, but I just want some confirmation about it.



Tl;dr some IP connections from legit processes get marked as malicious, even though they also seem legit.

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