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Can't launch antivirus and download exe files


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It is best that your friend join the forum directly.   And then create their own new topic .....after  they do all the seteps in this Pinned topic


and them, they should attach the reports into that forum thread.

It is best for them  and us to deal directly one to one.


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If he cannot do any downloads, then we are pretty much in a standstill.   As far as English or a language issue, it should not be a factor.

Google has a online translator on the web  https://translate.google.com

Also you should know, that without some sort of a diagnostic report from your friend, there is little we can do here.

And also know, if they have a smartphone device or any other device that can get to the web, again, your friend can get on the forum him / herself..

Also, you made no mention of the Windows operating system version.   That may be a help to know.

and how long they have had the computer.


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OTHER Notes:  If your friend's  computer is a Windows computer, with Windows 10   then be very aware that that has the built-in Microsoft Windows Defender Antivirus which they can use to scan for viruses and other malware.

Beyond that, assuming you and your friend are in the same city  ( town)  you perhaps should be able to do the downloads and then take them to your friend.

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I am sorry that your friend is still having errors & the like.  As I tried to convey before, it is best that your friend get help directly.  Either he can run Windows Defender on his machine, but if it cannot scan, he needs to figure out some way to get some other scanner to scan with.

Plus, like i said, it is very difficult to help someone here if we cannot get a diagnostic report.

Maybe your friend can take his machine to a Best Buy store for technical help.

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You and your friend should know, that if they have a Windows operating system, that it is possible to use the Internet Explorer browser, and then to download what they need.

be sure they only do that for very limited purposes because the Internet Explorer browser is not the most secure browser these days.

Here is how they can start Internet Explorer.  Press the Windows-logo-key on the keyboard & hold it nd then tap the R key to get the Windows RUN option.

In the RUN text box, Copy and paste this  ( to start Internet Explorer)

"C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe"

and then tap the Enter-key.   You should then see and be able to use the IE browser.

Next,  have your friend do all the steps in this pinned topic



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