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Adding a device - eero WiFi System


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We currently have ATT Uverse WiFi and needed additional support for 'dead spots', dropped calls and signal boost.  It is impossible to get ATT to add fiber optic cable at this time to our house even though fiber optic lines are just outside our home and our neighbor is connected.  ATT added a signal booster but that didn't quite work in different areas of the house.  So we added  eero WiFi System which has resolved our problems.  Is it possible to add or is it even necessary to add this device to our Malwarebytes Premium or does it (eero) come with it's own secure features?  Anyone experienced with eero who can answer this?

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A DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service attack is usually a coordinated effort by a Command and Control (C2) structure that coordinates malicious software "Bots" and compromised systems to create such activity on an Internet site and/or address to limit or negate legitimate access of that said site or address effectively denying access to the services the locale provides.

Devices are usually behind a Router of some kind performing Network Address Translation (NAT) converting activity from the Wide Area Network (WAN or Internet) to local devices on a Local Area Network (LAN).  As such if a WAN address is the target of a a DDoS attack, all Devices' Internet activity behind the Router are affected.

There is a cost to implementing a DDoS attack such is the take-down of the C2 structure and the ascertainment and removal of software bots and compromised systems.  Thus the implementation is reserved to what is known as a High Value Target (HVT).

It is possible that an individual may piss-off some malicious actor(s) that may raise their profile to become a target but that doesn't happen very often due to the costs involved.


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