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ms firefox add on


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i cant rem the name off the add on that ms sneakly added to firefox,but after a new format its no longer installed.

anyone know the name off that add on and/or why its no longer being added?

i had it disabled anyway,many where thinking off removing it.

(theres a post somewhere about that add on but i can find it and ive have tried.)

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its was a add on (tools,add ons,extensions) not a plug in,thats ms has removed from firefox.

its no longer in my add ons,i do have that plug in you mention.

i dont have the old add on ms added to firefox.

i hope i made more sense there,i should look harder for that old post (cant rem who started it but i did post in it,so i should find it)

(think we are both saying we no longer have it,unless i read it wrong)

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confusing.it does look that they have changed it from a add on to a plug in.

it was called the click once or somthing along them lines.

i read Jacktivity`s post wrong,didnt grasp what was ment;was tired.

imo not best idea to post when i`m tired.

so is this plug in usefull to me in anyway or is it simply just usefull to ms?

sneaky the way the way its now changed,leaves me wondering if disabling its a good idea now or not?

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Mine hasn't changed. I still have the MS .NET Framework Assistant in FF 3.5.3 as an add-on, not a plugin. I have it disabled though, and have had for several months. That way if I do happen to need it for something (and I haven't yet) I can just enable it rather than go through the arduous process of having to reinstall it.

I noticed last week when I updated Windows Live Messenger (and a few other Live Essentials things I already had installed) it included an update to .NET something or other. (I forget the exact name now, but I did go check FF afterwards to make sure it hadn't sneakily re-enabled the MS .NET add-on and it had not).

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