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Latest update of MB Privacy caused Windows 10 crash (December 9, 2020)


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During my first attempt to install the latest MB Privacy update on my computer (December 9, 2020), I got a blue error screen and had to manually reboot. I didn't associate the problem with Privacy at first because I was also doing other things, so I tried installing the update again and, once more, got a blue error screen, but the computer seemed okay after the reboot. I decided to uninstall the old version of Privacy, reinstall it, and try again, but the uninstall hung up and would not work.

On my third try, the update caused a massive Windows crash, wiping out my email client and browser data, and deleting files and icons from my desktop. It wasn't quite as bad as a full factory reset, but it was plenty bad enough. I spent several hours afterward rebuilding things.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

I like Malwarebytes and MB Privacy, but for now I'm switching to a different VPN. I don't feel I can trust Privacy any more.


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I am sorry you had this experience. We would like to work with you to find a cause and a solution.

Can you please collect and upload as an attachment the diagnostic data using our MBST?

  • Download and run the Malwarebytes Support Tool
  • Accept the EULA and click Advanced tab on the left (not Start Repair)
  • Click the Gather Logs button, and once it completes, attach the zip file it creates on your desktop to your next reply
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Thank you, Porthos.

I had trouble replying because the system kept thinking anything I submitted (even just "thank you") was spam. I don't think it gets along with Firefox. I'm using MS Edge now and it seems to be working.

I think I have two different problems happening. The first was some incompatibility with Privacy that caused my system to reboot. The second appears to be with Windows itself. My computer rebooted again last night (not related to Privacy), and when I logged in I found that Windows had reset again to almost-factory conditions. I had to start all over again with my email client, browsers, and desktop.

Grab file is attached to the previous reply. Thank you for your help!


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  • Root Admin

Hello @darmet

I have removed the block from our Spam Prevention tool. You should not be blocked further when replying.

I will go ahead and move your topic into our malware removal forum for one-on-one assistance and take a look at your logs.

Thank you



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  • Root Admin

As mentioned, you have Norton 360 running which can be difficult for some to get the exclusions setup correctly. We can look at adding exclusions to see if that helps, but you also have Norton VPN running and Nord VPN running. Having them installed would be okay, but they're active which can cause issues.

If you'd like to try to do some general clean up and setup some exclusions to see if we can get this working please let me know and I'll write up some instructions


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  • Root Admin

Please see if the following article helps with turning off the Norton VPN



Then see if the following articles shows how to add exclusions to Norton, please add the Malwarebytes programs, folders



Here are the Malwarebytes settings


Try to exclude Norton in the Malwarebytes exclusions as well


Please temporarily disable your Norton AV and see if you can test your VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) using the following information. You have multiple errors showing issues with VSS in your Event Logs



Please download and run the following  Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS), Diagnostic Tool, from Acronis

Acronis VSS Doctor

Free tool for diagnosing and repairing Volume Shadow Copy Service issues. Download link on the bottom of the page.
Download - Acronis VSS Doctor

In many cases, it can correct the issues on its own. If not, then it will give details on what may be causing the issues. Please save the report in text format and post back that log on your next reply.

You can also try the tool from Macrium Reflect if the Acronis tool did not work.

Macrium Reflect Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) Repair Tool

Once you've run the repair tool you need to restart your computer.
Then check your Event Logs to see if the error was corrected. You can post new logs from FRST which will also show the Event Log entries 

If you don't have System Restore enabled then please take this time to enable it. If possible choose 10% of your C drive to store Restore Points.

System Restore disabled or greyed out? Turn On System Restore in Windows 10

Thank you


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From what I can tell, Norton VPN is not installed on my computer.

I finally found Norton's security ratings in My Norton. Malwarebytes is listed as a trusted program. I couldn't find an option to add files or folders to a whitelist, though.

I ran the Acronis VSS Doctor. Scan results are attached.


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This applies only to the originator of this topic. Other members who need assistance please start your own topic in a new thread.

Tips to help protect from infection



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