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Our website is being blocked, can you add us to the whitelist?

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17 minutes ago, Paul_L said:

Hi there.

I put a ticket in few days ago to have our website added to the whitelist.  I was approved but I have a customer that is still being blocked. 






Thank you,

Paul Lockhart


The block has indeed been disabled, have that user assure they have the latest database and if they claim they do then they must send you the log for our analysis.

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I just visited both of the web addresses you have mentioned, using Firefox and Chrome browsers with Browser Guard on each and Malwarebytes Premium on the computer as a whole.  I see no issues.  Your main site (still using HTTP) shows a "SELLING QUALITY FOODS" banner across a graphic of a pizza.  The other website has a login for your food service.

If you could send me a Browser Guard debug log, I would like to inspect it.  You will need to exit your browser to close the existing log, then open your browser, and go to your web site.  If the error is going to occur, this should do it.  Then IMMEDIATELY, download the Browser Guard debug log and send it to me.  You will find it in your \downloads folder.  Instructions for how to create the log are in the two screenshots which I have attached.


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Okay, I think we got this figured out.  The trojan block was a false positive and a remnant from the past, and would have cleared itself if the database update had finished by the time you tried to access the site.  That led to a reputation block which did not occur on pohlfood.com but DID occur on www.pohlfood.com.  That was a coding error in the product, has been fixed and will become available to users in the next product update.  In the meantime, I have added a whitelist entry for www.pohlfood.com to take care of the reputation block.  Please allow 15-30 minutes for changes to take effect.  Thank you for your assistance in helping us get to the bottom of this one.

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Please uninstall and reinstall your Browser Guard extension.  I can access www.pohlfood.com without any issue from several different computers.  You are either getting stuck with cached information or your databases are not updating.  I do not know which is affecting you, but the issue no longer exists.

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